Safe and hygienic skin care solution.
Innovative laser technology for beauty.

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No needle! No anesthesia! No second infection!

The all-in-one
aesthetic beauty device

for your skin care needs!

PURAXEL, which generates about 100 uniform multi-micro pores
per shot in the epidermal layer up to 200µm in depth by using fractional laser technology,
enhances the absorption rate of active substances contained in functional cosmetics
or ampoule and helps improve skin moisture, brightness, density, melasma, wrinkles and hair loss.

※ Main functions : Promotion of absorption of cosmetics active ingredients
(laser Mode, Ultrasonic Mode, Galvanic Mode, Cooling Mode, LED Mode)

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PURAXEL laser,
speak with confidence with
clinical results.

Our laser technology helps improve
freckles, whitening, pores, elasticity and acne.

레이저모드 이미지

Three times the increase in skin moisture content

레이저모드 이미지

30% increase in skin density

레이저모드 이미지

2 times improvement in skin tone brightness

레이저모드 이미지 레이저모드 이미지

Help improve blemishes

레이저모드 이미지 레이저모드 이미지

Help with wrinkle

· Testing Period : 2020.5.21 - 7.13

· Testing Institution : Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences

· Subjects : F/21

· Test Site : Face and forearm

Laser Mode

Laser Mode

Investigate the laser in the desired area
with a step setting that matches the thickness of the skin
to create a microchannel in the skin.

  • 헤드01
  • 헤드02
  • 헤드03

Creates micro-pores in the skin. (level : 1~3)

laser mode

The skin rejuvenation laser(Er: YAG 2940 nm),
is utilized for the skin which is only applied to the epidermal layer of 5~200µm.
It increases the absorption rate of the nutrient and cosmetics
by generating about 100 multi-micro pores per shot in the epidermal layer.

Laser Mode Safety Features
  • 1 Emergency Stop : Stops the system immediately at emergency situations by relinquishing hold on the device.
  • 2 Grip Sensor : Begins to operate by triggering an infrared sensor when the grip is held.
  • 3 Touch Sensor : Begins to operate when it touches your skin due to a touch sensor.
  • 4 Shot Button : The laser can only be irradiated after pressing the [Shot] Button.

※ This device uses an invisible laser beam. Having the laser or its reflection aimed at your eyes is dangerous. Do NOT shine the laser on your eyes both directly and indirectly.

Ultrasonic Mode

Ultrasonic Mode

It helps to absorb enough functional solutions after applying them.

  • 헤드04

Functional nutrient absorption. (treatment : 5 minutes)

초음파모드 이미지

It improves skin elasticity and color using ultrasonic waves at 1MHz
and removes impurities in pores by generating about 1 million vibration per second.

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Galvanic Mode

Galvanic Mode(Option)

The same poles push each other,
and the opposite poles ionize cosmetics by using galvanic currents
of pulling properties to penetrate deep into the skin.

  • 헤드05

Deep cleansing application. (treatment : 4 minutes)

갈바닉모드 이미지

Drain waste to
galvanic ions (+ION)

갈바닉모드 이미지

Help penetrate nutrients with
–ion with functional solutions(-ION)

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Cooling Mode

Cooling Mode(Option)

It soothes the skin and helps reduce pores
with a cold cooling effect.

Calming and settling application. (treatment : 3 minutes)

쿨링모드 이미지

After treating with laser, ultrasonic or LED modes,
apply this mode to minimize and settle pores in the skin.

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LED Mode

LED Mode(Option)

Three wavelengths of light
that are valid for scalp care penetrate deep from the epidermis
to the dermis layer to complete a healthy and elastic scalp.

Moisturize, improve elasticity,
and troubled skin. (treatment : 3 minutes)

엘이디모드 이미지

Through the Red Blue Pink modes,
calm troubled skin (acne), moisturize, and improve elasticity.

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LaMeditech Certifications


2017. 06


2012. 02
Europe ISO 13485 certification


2016. 04
Venture company certification


2012. 04
Company R&D center registration


2020. 05
INNOBIZ Certificate

PURAXEL Certifications


2020. 03
Beauty equipment propagation certification


2021. 05
Europe CE certification

Specifications & Components

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Laser Type

Laser Class
class 1

Laser Level
Steps 1-3


Galvanic (Option)
Cooling (Option)
LED (Option)


Body: 616 g
Charging cradle (batteries included): 503 g

Body: 82(W)x201(D)x225.3(H)mm
Charging cradle: 250x169x135mm


11.1V 1,300mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery

Charging Adapter
14VDC / 1.71A



Charging Cradle

2 Batteries



Safty Goggles for Client

Safty Goggles for Aestheticician

Laser Head(circle tip)

Laser Head(square tip)

Laser Head(rectangle tip)

Ultrasonic Head

User Manual

Quick Guide


Galvanic&Cooling Head

LED Head